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Revolutions and Resolutions

I typically shy away from post like these but I'm hoping that writing this will help push me to give you and other fans more music in 2017. 

In trying to better understand who I am as an artist and the music that I want to release, I’ve so much time debating what kind of genre I do or should belong to, whether that matters at all, and how all of that needs to be structured? After all of that I think I’ve realized that what matters most to me is creating and releasing music that I want to hear, regardless of what genre it might belong to. 

I’m writing this message as a kind of promise to you and to myself to start releasing music regardless of whether I think it fits my brand (whatever that is) or if it forms a cohesive package. Having recently become a new parent has made me realise more than ever how precious our time is and I can’t spend any more of it debating mix fidelity or chart appeal. 2017 will become the year I say fuck it and start to let the people who have supported me hear what I’ve been working on. It may be a single or an EP, house, R&B or something all together different, but I’m done trying to appease those inner critics that keep me from putting myself and my music out into the world.

If you still follow this page and care at all about the music I make, I’d love to hear from you. Your support means the world to me.